Better Together

All of us who are part of Design for Change are committed to working together because we have experienced how strength is built ...

  • Be the Change Celebration

    Our international annual meeting gathers during 2 days representatives of selected projects from each country participating in DFC Global.

    The participants present their projects and further spread the I CAN virus. A celebration in which there are also inspirational talks, workshops and activities.

  • Better Together

    ... embracing the differences, be they by nationality, culture, religion, age or any other.

    ... focusing on the common, in front of what separates us.

    ... putting the collective in the center.

    We will put mind, body and soul to achieve an objective that transcends us all: change the world.

    And together is better. Better together.

    Less is more

    In our magic formula to change the world many ingredients intervene; however, we are convinced that less is more. Yes, - is +.

    It is less what differentiates us and more what unites us.

    With less selfishness and more solidarity, respect and compassion, we will achieve more impact, creativity and strength.

    Under these premises, we can exceed our expectations. By creating synergies, anything is possible.

    Also a better world. 

  • The magic of projects

    Magic is change, transformation.

    That is precisely what happens with DFC, in every project that makes our reality a little better. It's also what we want to relive at the next Be the Change Celebration.

    Inspired by the science of alchemy and its transforming power, children, youth and facilitators will join forces, empowered and committed to this important mission.