Your participation is key

Following our "Better Together" motto, we would like to propose several ways in which you can collaborate

  • Come to the BTC

    With any of the tickets you will have access to the event the two days of the celebration and participate in all the activities that will take place.

    In addition, you will have:

    - possibility of simultaneous translation (alternating English and Spanish)

    - coffee break on Saturday morning and afternoon and coffee break on Sunday morning

    - Saturday and Sunday lunch

    - access to a workshop on Saturday and a workshop on Sunday to choose from the list of workshops (you will be able to choose soon). It is necessary to take into account that there are workshops for adults and workshops for kids, what we are looking for is the greatest possible interaction between the children, especially, so, with some exceptions, it will not be possible to participate in workshops adult-children together.

    Buy tickets
  • Become #MuyFanDFC

    We know that you feel, imagine, do and share. We know you’re “very fan” of Design for Change. Therefore, we thank you for being an active part in the dissemination of the upcoming Be The Change Celebration that will take place on the 11th and 12th November in Spain. And we ask you a favor: note down the hashtag #MuyFanDFC (meaning “big fan of DFC”), and when you talk about the BTC in your social networks, label your publications.

    The “Share” phase, essential in the DFC methodology, implies communicating the proposals of change developed by children and young people, reaching as many people as possible to continue infecting with the I CAN virus. Projects deserve to be shared. As well as the magic that comes out of the BTC.

    We want our great international event to be very present in social networks and in the media. And with good reason. In Madrid, we are going to welcome our colleagues from every continent. Amongst all, we will celebrate one more year the projects of change of children and young people from the whole world through Design for Change. As stated by the BTC motto: together is better. Better Together.

    If you feel like helping, send us an email to with the subject #MuyFanDFC and tell us what you can do to help give the maximum outreach to the BTC 2017.

    THANK YOU for your collaboration and for being #MuyFanDFC!