Following the event's motto, we are surrounding ourselves with organizations and people who will help us in this fantastic celebration

  • DFC Global

    Impossible to face an adventure like this without the invaluable collaboration of DFC Global

  • Team Labs

    Félix Lozano and Siham Bennani, travelling companions for a long time, bring us freshness and knowledge

  • La tienda de Hob

    Juan Carlos Sanchez Bautista, a henchman in The Hob Shop, collaborates with his time and his knowledge fulfilling the designs of Hob The Goblin

  • Fully Creative

    Beatriz Iranzo, same as in previous occasions, will delight us with her magic to manage ideas and timing

  • SEK

    The SEK Institution, celebrating its 125th anniversary, joins our project in a time of great challenges and fabulous opportunities for education.